Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Let's just fall in Love again!

Ever since I started working in another company which doesn't provide me with a laptop, I'm "forced" not to take any work home with me. Yippee!! I've found more spare time now to just relax and ponder about .... nothing. And what a nice feeling that was, to finally have time to think about what I want for myself now and in the future.

A few days ago, while thinking about nothing, I casually browsed through our wedding dinner photos by chance. Although you're 6 hours of flight away from me now, through the photos, I really feel the joy and happiness we shared on that special night. Time just suddenly turned back and there I was again beside the podium, waiting to take your hands into mine, saying our wedding vows all over again.

I'm thankful to have found you to spend my whole life with, to share all my worries and happiness with, to have someone to share my thoughts of nothingness with, to tell jockishly dumb jokes to, and to flash my cute silly grin to everyday on webcam. I love you. Can't wait to meet you again soon!


Blogger Xweing said...

your brain is like your mouth

cannot stop 1...


2:28 PM  

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