Sunday, February 13, 2011

All alone again

My Happiness Generator has left me again.

Part of me wished that she didn't need to go back, so that the happy moments last week could last forever. Part of me wished that my dearie didn't need to face the cold and hostile reception that she will receive when she goes back, just like the weather back there, making her turn to Korean Magpie for comfort. Part of me wished all Korean Magpies just drop dead and dissapear from the world.

But alas, life if not always a bed of roses. There's always be ups and downs. There'l always be Korean Magpies. I've just had my 1 week of happiness with her, So I'll just have to brace myself for the downs, for the challenges at work, and at love. I think that feeling applies to the both of us.

Sometimes I think the tears we cry when we are separated is not because of the sadness of separation itself, but the thought of facing all these challenges alone without the comforting hug of your loved ones at arms length, without being able to come home to a safe cosy nest and let all your worries outside just melt into oblivion.

However, I believe in the syaing that what doesn't kill you will make you stronger. All these challenges will definitely strengthen our emotional endurance. Winter is about to come to an end and with Spring, I hope her situation there would improve, just like the weather. I hope this new year will give us the wisdom and strength to tide thru another year apart from each other. I hope what my aunt says about 2 weeks is true for 2 years as well, that the first week will pass by slowly, but the second will just shot pass you in an instant. And we'll be back together again, living our happily ever after.


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