Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Meat Lover's Vegetarian Week

The Wednesday began innocently enough, after all the slogging in office (including spending quite some browsing air asia 1 million free seats promotions...) its time for dinner! So I took off in my Fifi anticipating the nice mee sua tau on the horizon. And that's when thing start to get awry.
After turning in to the junction near the Bayan Lepas mosque, "plunk plunk", I hit a cat and plundered it to death. Guilt and anger overwhelmed me right away, guilt for hitting the cat, angry because of the cat choosing that exact moment to cross the road. While I pulled my car over, a motorist actually took the cat away from the main road and left it at a sidewalk. It was dead. Still in denial mode, I actually left the scene and went for the dinner like nothing happened. Only while eating did it dawned to me - I actually took a life a way... So after dinner I went back, took the cat into my car and buried it near my housing area, said a prayer and left. My heart felt better but not totally relieved of the guilt in me.
I sms'ed a friend, to see if she has any suggestion on how to assuage my conscience. "To conpensate 1 life, you go meatless for one week". What? meatless? For a meat love guy like me to go meatless for a week is like, the ultimate sacrifice in culinary pleasure. Even for Wesak Day when Buddhist are supposed to be vegetarian for at least half a day, I'll purposely sleep till noon in order not to observe this tradition. But meatless it is! At least no need to go to jail, or lose my license if I hit a man instead.

Day 1:-
Breakfast was easy, I took my usual oatmeal + milo pekat like usual. It just occured to me that I'm actually vegetarian for half a day every single weekday! For lunch, this was a good excuse to let me try the vegetarian shop in Sunway Tunas recommended by the same friend. Tapau it and ate at home. Tak boleh tahan, tasteless as water! so the genius in me opened up the sambal sauce I use in every meal as its condiment when the food taste bland like now. Mmmmm yummy. But.... after eating my meal, noticed the sambal ingredient actually contain small microsopic prawns called geragau. So there goes my vege meal... But its the trying that counts right? Dinner after gym was a plate of fried rice, while my colleagues all enjoy sumptious meal of pai kut wong, singapore mee hoon and ginger chicken... arrgghhh really cannot tahan!!! after the fried rice still tak kenyang, so decided to go to the nearby shop to eat tau fu fah, the first nice vege food I've eaten the whole day.

Day 2:-
Breakfast as usual. Gym supplement cointain egg, don't know if this is permitted or not? But what the heck, where else am I supposed to get my protein? Luckily for me, one of my gym buddy is actually a vegetarian. So lunch was a breeze at the canteen, since I wasn't the only one on a vege diet. I tried the wantan mee from the vegetarian stall for the first time in my 2 yrs of working in *****. Hmm not too bad. During tea break, felt hungry so went over to my colleagues cube for snack of jelly beans. while popping the bean into my mouth, a neighbouring enlightened colleague who couldn't just leave me in ignorance told me that the beans actually contain gelatin from cow. arrgghhh!!! So hard to be vegetarian!!! Again its the trying that counts right? Dinner was even more torturing, my sadist friend who thought that I should not be let off so easily, actually have the balls to suggest KFC for dinner!!! KFC!!! What the... You think got vegetarian chicken there issit? But I decided not to force all to be vegetarian just because of me (don't worry - I will force you guys to makan vegetarian during the weekend muahahaha...), so I follow along. Was pleasantly surprised that KFC actually have a salad set without the popcorn chicken. So I ordered that + large mash potatoes + orange juice. Total bill = RM 10.74!!! What?!!! since when eating vege cost more than a 2 piece plate? So I endured the torture of looking and smelling the delicious and juicy fried chicken my friends had for dinner while I graze away on my plate of grass. The heavens above could not have devised a better torturing method. But I got through it unscathed! Went back felt hungry again. I think my stomach was just waiting for some meat... Where's the meat? where's the meat? It growled... So I opened the fridge, took out a slice of cheese, cut it into small pieces and out in on top of 12 jacob crackers, microwave it for 15 seconds and walla! baked cheese on crackers! Yummy.