Monday, August 14, 2006

Tasty No More

The Tasty where we used to hang out for dinner after work is no more. The announcement of its closure really came as a surprise to us. It was quite lucky that jwlaw and I went to the restaurant on Monday. Whilst taking our order, the proprietor just suddenly blurted that Tasty will be closed after Tuesday. When we didn't really register a shocked expression on our face, she continued, "for good". That did the trick.
With one more day to go, what should I order? I havent even finished sampling all the weird exotic named dishes... So we went back for a final gathering on Tuesday. My plan to order both the 3 cup chicken and the tasy ty special spicy beancurd was foil. The 3 cup chicken was sold out. Anyways, to soften the blow, the owner actually belanja us free drinks. So that was the first time i drank the ginseng tea there (nothing to shout about here.) Then while waiting for our food came another surprise - free appetizer of some fried stuffed minced meat. The pessimist in me guess that she was just clearing out the stock.
It funny how much you'll cherish something when you know it'll come to an end. And so did I savour every single succulent piece of taufu on my plate. (a bit over here). Corny as it may sound, I hope there'll be another spot to replace the ambience and good food that just coax out all the laughter and conversations from us. The Shanghai mee restaurant perhaps? :)

Friday, August 04, 2006

Natalie flies away

Natalie flies away

Gone are the days of innocious but slightly raunchy jokes. My morning would never be the same without her cheerful banter with fly guy. There's just something in her voice that bring you down to reality after a night of sweet dream or nightmare, a certain down-to-earth layperson kind of style.

When I first noticed her on Fly FM, I thought she was of Indian descent as she has a quirky certain accent to it. To my surprise, this gutsy deejay is actually half German. Come back Natalie. Fly guy, what did you do to her that made her leave???? (Natalie withdrawal syndrome setting in)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

PBIM 2006 Part 1: The preparation

PBIM 2006 Part 1: The preparation

It all started with an unexpected phone call from a dear friend who is eternally doomed to serve the draconian lords deep in the heart of Felda Jengka, Mich. Yes, news of the impending Penang Bridge Run seems to reach far and wide, even in areas with shoddy TV receptions.
Fearful of the constant harrassment and ridicule I'll have to suffer from her should I not complete the race, I started to take the weekend jogs around Sg. Nibong field a bit more seriously. 22 km is not a short distance to cover. With the average distance of approx. 700 meter per round, I would need to complete a staggering 31 rounds around the field! Stll, I persevered and by the time of the race day, I could actually maintain my stamina for 10 rounds non stop. 31 rounds is still too gargantuan a task for yours truly.

Besides the Mich factor, the constant tip and tricks published by Fang Fang and company really help, especially on the banana diet! However, I would have wished that google Earth never have existed. I nearly 'patah semangat' when the actual satelite image of the bridge was circulated by the team. My god, is the bridge really THAT long?

The days leading to the race were one of the more interesting ones. We really ate good food. Herbal chicken concocted by jlaw on Friday Nite, Carbo loading for Saturday lunch, sweet potatoes to detox during for tea time, and Chinese "zhu chao" fortified with marmite chicken (okay this isn't the healthiest of food, but still...) Alrite, looks like we're all set for the run!