Friday, April 27, 2007

The Happiest Guy on Earth

She said YES!
Cupid's Chokehold playing over and over in my head...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Grace Kelly Improvised

I could be brown
I could be blue
I could be violet sky
(pulling the balls , wailing...)
I could be hurtful
I could be purple
I could be anything you like
(let go, relief....)
Gotta be green
Gotta be mean
Gotta be everything more
I hope you like me,
I hope you like me,
Hope you don't walk out the door...

Monday, April 16, 2007

Feeling 22 Acting 17

Being in love is like riding a slide. The biggest hurdle is to overcome the fear when you are perched atop the "S" curve. Just when you are about to heave that final push, doubts and uncertainties starts to fill the mind, an air of resistance building up in your thumping heart, because you know, once the slide begins, there is no turning back. You'll just have to accept whatever landing that fate has to offer.
I am now standing high up in the air, waiting for the right amount of wind, waiting for the right timing, waiting to take the plunge. Or did I just missed it?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Paper mache

On Thursday I turned into a kindergarten kid all over again. It just suddenly struck me to make something meaningful for meaningful person. So I decided against my better judgement to create a handicraft item , never mind that I have always been a C or D student when it comes to art. The handicraft item? A paper mache vase.

The first step is to create the gum base to be used. I scoured the internet for the recipe, and finally found a simple one - put in 1/2 part corn flour and 1 part cold ater and stir, then add this cup to 5 cups of boiling water. It's like magic! I would never imagine the cornflour that is used for cooking my fried chicken etc can turn up into a gooey gum paste. Really fascinated by it all.

Getting my hands dirty was quite fun. I actually managed to lie to myself that I am creating a work of art, sculpting the water bottle into something worthy of display in the cabitnets of an art connoisseur! Alas, even after all the effort in salvaging the vase, it turns up like this :-

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Hati berdegap-degup,
Tangan terketar-ketar,
Telinga berdegring-dering,
Menanti sebuah jawapan.

Hati bersorak-sorai,
Tangan bergenggam-genggam,
Mulut tersengih-sengih,
Menerima sebuah jawapan.

Monday, April 09, 2007


Alangkah baik jika waktu bisa putar kembali,
Alangkah indah jika sinaran lembut bulan memancar kembali,
Menyuluh pantai sejauh mata memandang,
Menerangi jiwa si pria yang bergelomang.
Memperkasa hati, menggagahkan semangat,
Bagi menyuarakan isi hati yang kini kekal berkocakan.

Friday, April 06, 2007

A Boss's Perspective

We always complain about how our bosses not taking care of us good enough, Not fighting for us during focal etc.
A friend recently forwarded an interesting article on the Boss's perpective of us. Sometimes i think its quite true, some of the statements really struck the bulls eye. Hopefully with this guide, my plan to bodek the boss will succeed. heheh....
Again sorry for not able to link properly or post photos. Really need to get to the bottom of this...

The article:,,2048182,00.html

Si Jantung Hati

This song has been stuck in my head eversince I woke up this morning... arrggh...
This song really has a Thai feel to it.

(Dangdut rhythm)
Badanku kurus bukannya kurang makan,
Mataku Merah bukannya kurang tidur,
Sedih hatiku kerana Si Jantung Hati... oh... Si Jantung Hati...

Engkau berjanji
Hanya aku yang kau nanti,
Waktu ku pergi,
Kau suntingkan bunga Melati,
Tapi kini, semuanya hanya mimpi...

Aku bernyanyi sendiri menghibur hati,
Aku tak mahu terluka kedua kali,
Penaglaman ku dengannya
Si jantung hati ohh.... si jantung hati....

(Fade out)

I only knew this version. However, after searching for the lyrics in you tube, found an updated version sung by an Indo Rock Group Fedora. There's even a Vietnamese/Thai cover version of the song... (Sorry, can link properly. I wonder what's wrong with my blogger....)

Original Dangdut Version

Rock Version

Viet/Thai Version

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Genting - City of Entertainment

Someone commented that the highland felt like being watched over by a pair of eyes. I have the same feeling. Whenever I reached the peak, a queasy feeling of uneasiness will just hit me. This, coupled with the fact that the bus driver took his own sweet time to meander through every single federal roads instead of taking the highway, left me with a slightly bad aftertaste of the whole trip. Nevertheless, the bunch of people we went with did thin the thick air of hopelessness which I have always associated Genting with. Although a short trip, I actually did many firsts in this trip. 1) First time gambled using chips instead of the slot machine. 2) First time watching a movie in a cineplex on an OSIM massage chair. 3) First time sang karaoke in genting. 4) First time riding on the spinner and Superman.


Monday, April 02, 2007

power of love

These 2 days, I witness a real life change of someone due to the power of love.
Haha... never thought it would be possible to for the person to have a 360 degree change in personality.
But i guess its for the good of all :)